We're using computer power to create green energy growth

By connecting utility-scale crypto mining to green energy generation assets, RenewaBit is making the cryptocurrency network green, while making renewable energy projects 2.5x - 4x more profitable.

While renewable energy projects continue to face a variety of issues related to efficiently commercializing 100% of produced energy, crypto mining presents an elegant solution that simultaneously reduces the environmental burden caused by worldwide cryptocurrency use.

Together, we're delivering an elegant solution for green energy and green crypto.

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Executive Leadership

Ian Hartley, CEO of RenewaBit

Ian Hartley


Ian is an experienced founder who most recently founded and scaled AI Proctoring startup Wise Education, as CEO.

Ian founded RenewaBit in May 2021 to create green energy growth via crypto mining. Ian is passionate about helping to address global climate change.

Eric Finch, CDO of RenewaBit

Eric Finch


Eric is a mechanical engineer with deep expertise in designing and deploying efficient cryptocurrency mining facilities for private clients.

Eric is passionate about transitioning crypto mining into a sustainable green industry that can benefit both the user and the environment.

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