Turning the world's computing green

As our world becomes increasingly data-driven, the power requirements of the computing we rely on has become a cause for environmental concern. Meanwhile, significant inefficiencies in the power grid exist, that waste vast quantities of energy and prevent future renewable developments.

The solution is to co-locate crypto mining to use wasted or oversupplied energy, turning computing green using the renewable energy that we already have, and paving the way for future renewable projects.

Despite its simplicity, this opportunity is vast, and has yet to reach maturity. RenewaBit is leading the way in streamlining investment into the space to drive computing and help our planet.

green leaftdata servers

Executive Leadership

Ian Hartley, CEO of RenewaBit

Ian Hartley


Ian is an experienced founder who most recently founded and scaled AI Proctoring startup Wise Education, as CEO.

Ian founded RenewaBit in May 2021 to harness wasted energy for crypto mining. Ian is passionate about helping to address global climate change.

Eric Finch, CDO of RenewaBit

Eric Finch


Eric is a mechanical engineer with deep expertise in designing and deploying efficient crypto mining facilities for private clients.

Eric is passionate about transitioning crypto mining into a sustainable green industry that can benefit both the user and the environment.

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