RenewaBit streamlines investing in crypto mining

From origination, to EPC, O&M, and exit

RenewaBit coordinates the origination, engineering, procurement, construction, operations, and maintenance, and ultimately exit of assets, streamlining the process for IPPs and funds.

Executive Summary
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green energy, workers, and data

Access a broad network of the best projects, and the most efficient inputs

RenewaBit's network enables us to deliver the benefits of operating in the crypto mining space at at scale, to all of our clients from project 1.

green energy, workers, and data

Who we work with

Whether you are representing a large fund or are an individual qualified investor, RenewaBit has projects that fit your investment size and profile. Due to our extensive network in the crypto mining space, there is no project too large, or too small for RenewaBit. Let's chat and see if there's a fit for your goals.

green energy, workers, and data

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